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We understand that a holiday in the Golden Triangle should be a memorable one and that every guest is unique.

Our experienced, multilingual team is entirely dedicated to making sure that you have an incredible Algarve holiday.

Living and working in the Algarve, combined with local and international experience means that we are experts in everything the area has to offer.  We are able to source the most luxurious and unique holiday villas for you to rent while also offering bespoke guest services to make your stay with us truly exceptional.

Contact us today to book your next Golden Triangle holiday with Waratah Villa Rentals.

Thomas Mierlo
Thomas van Mierlo
Elizabete Bento
Elisabete Bento
Susan van Mierlo
Susan van Mierlo
Mónica Guerreiro
Mónica Guerreiro
Marilene Ventura
Mariline Ventura

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